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  • How do I get the information to you?
    You can email it to us directly, after purchase you will receive an email from us, and you can simply reply to this email with your attachments. We will also be in contact via phone and email back and forth as things get completed.
  • How long will it take you to complete my program for me?
    This can depend if you have everything ready to send us, or if you’re still waiting for information. Generally we can complete the program for you in the same day. If you have a lot of pictures to include, such as 50 or more, it can take longer. We will still try to have it completed in that day. We prioritize our work on programs based on the time and date that they are needed.
  • How many pictures can I include in the funeral program?
    Bifold Full Service comes with up to 5 pictures included and additional pictures are only $2 each. Trifold Full Service comes with up to 10 pictures included and additional pictures are only $2 each. Booklet Full Service Customization comes with up to 20 pictures included. Additional pictures are $2.00 each. Our booklets include 8 pages but are expandable. Additional pages are $5.00 each for multiples of four.
  • How quickly can I get the program customized, printed and shipped to me?"
    We can get the final printed product to you quite quickly when needed. Although it is more expensive for printing and delivery, sometimes there is just no choice, it needs to be delivered asap. The program design can be completed in the same day. It can be printed and shipped the following day. With FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery, it will be delivered the next morning. Example: The program design is completed Monday, Printing will begin Tuesday, with Rush Same Day Printing, it will also ship out on Tuesday. With FedEx Priority Overnight, it will delivery Wednesday morning. If you’re unsure about your timeline, you can give us a call and we can go over the options with you.
  • What type of paper do you use?
    The quality of paper makes a big difference in the final outcome of the program. We use special Premium Gloss and Premium Matte press papers. We also offer speciality papers at an additonal cost.
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